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Corporate Wellness Programs for Perfect Health

Have you ever noticed that a frequent shift worker looks a lot older as compared to their non-shift-working counterparts? Studies related to sleep clearly show profound physical consequences of long-term disruptions in the Circadian rhythm (our 24-hour cycle of biological activities). Since in today's nonstop society, shift working is more likely to stay; employees need to learn ways of reducing the negative impact of shifts on their health and quality of life. This can be done by adopting traditional wellness initiatives for living shift workers' lifestyle so they can prosper despite of busy working schedules.

There are many advantages of living a healthy lifestyle which is particularly important for shift workers due to their unusual work/sleep schedules. They require corporate wellness programs to maintain their health and do the required modifications in their daily schedule that are provided by corporate wellness companies. These modifications consist of unique challenges like the connection between eating and sleeping and for that you need to follow some steps:

  • Avoid rich or spicy foods at bedtime as they make the digestive system work overtime. On the contrary, around this time the whole body should be repairing and regenerating itself.
  • Take loads of foods containing proteins (as per your choice) as it stimulates the brain, by helping you to maintain energy levels with alertness.
  • Intake eatables with loads of carbohydrates as they normally promote calmness and sleepiness.
  • Consume less sugar content as it bursts energy quickly which is followed by a physical and mental crash.

With all those concerns in mind, you should focus on the main meal that is taken at the beginning of a shift which should emphasize on protein. Throughout the shift, try to avoid sugar products. Moreover, as the sleep time approaches take a lighter bland meal of mostly complex carbohydrates that will help you to sleep with ease and will promote the natural rejuvenation which comes with a deep and quality rest.

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