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Long Terms Stay for Senior Care

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Long-Term Care Homes are places where seniors can live and receive support services. They are often the right choice for seniors who need help with the activities of daily living, access to 24-hour nursing care or supervision in a secure setting. Long Terms Care here in our Hospital offer higher levels of 24-hour supervision and nursing care.
Duration 90 Days
Accommodations Preferred Accommodation - which is a private or semi-private room with special features, as well as "Basic" or "Standard" accommodation.
Non Medical Services Furnishings - For example, bed and chair
Meals - Including special diets
Clinical Supplies & Devices - For example, walkers and wheelchairs for occasional use)
Social Activities - Social and recreational programs, medication administration, and assistance with the essential activities of daily living
Nursing and personal care on a 24-hour basis and access to a physician and other health professionals.
Medical Services Doctor Visit on Alternate Days
Electronic Health Record of every Day
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