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Medical Alerts or alarm monitoring systems are not only useful for old age people, infirm or weak, but also for those who are improving from surgery as well as cannot move with ease. Nobody, not even those individuals who are suffering from serious ailments to sudden medical emergencies, will like to publicly show their medical conditions by wearing electronic gadgets, even though they are of crucial importance for them if they want to save their lives. There are people, who feel awkward wearing labels in the form of necklaces or strange bracelets. However, wearing them is quiet essential to save their lives, because of the reason that some medical compulsions require instant identification of the problem. So that medical assistance can be summoned immediately in any case of emergency. Therefore, for millions of individuals suffering from innumerable diseases, this kind of unwanted advertisement of their malady is crucial for their protection. To connect with SOS medical services centre as quickly as possible for getting the required treatment.

Telemedics have found a solution to reduce this feeling of awkwardness in public, by creating some of the most artistic and attractive accessories, which serve all the medical purpose by providing critical medical information to the SOS centre. Moreover, wearing this medical watch gives patients a sense of security, confidence and peace, with a medical alert system which can connect them to their friends, family and doctors in the case of any emergency through the help of SOS medical services centre. They are of invaluable help to all the patients suffering from critical diseases like cardiovascular complications, diabetic problems or sudden fainting or strokes. Considering that, a Medical Alert or alarm system connected to SOS centre has dual communication lines. As it sends messages to the family or friends of the patient, along with sends a message to SOS medical services centre immediately.

The Monitoring Center provides uninterrupted alarm monitoring 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year. The alarm monitoring activity is fully computerised using the latest Monitoring Software & technologies by highly trained Professionals.

When We Say We're Always There - We Really Mean It

Our alarm monitoring systems act like an invisible blanket around the people you value most. When an alarm signal is received from your home or person in need, the Telemedics professionals are there to contact you and immediately send emergency personnel right away.

Why to choose this plan for your family

  • 24/7 Uninterrupted Alarm Monitoring
  • 24/7 Expert Customer Support
  • No Long-Term Contract
  • Medical Emergency response
  • GPRS Network Monitoring Systems
  • Immediate response to the person in need.
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