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Telemedics E-Watch A possible solution

The Telemedics Watch is the latest, easy-to-wear and easy-to-use emergency personal alarm for the elderly, disabled and people with special needs. It looks like an ordinary watch – but has many features of a mobile phone. Those features keep wearers and carers connected – anytime, anywhere.

Its GPS mobile phone technology works as an emergency tracker and monitoring facility, while its discreet speaker and push-button answer call function enable the carer, family members and friends to call the wearer whenever they want to. And there's a one-touch SOS emergency alarm button in case of emergency.

How Telemedics E-Watch works

How Telemedics E-Watch  works

Key Features of Telemedics Watch:-

  • One-touch, pre-programmed SOS emergency button connects to up to three family members/carers or 24/7 monitoring service if required
  • Real-time tracking with GPS show carers wearers' whereabouts at all time via any Smartphone
  • Wide geographic range means wearers can enjoy independence and mobility without being 'fenced' by a limited pendant range base station
  • Carers can talk to wearers via the 'watch' without wearers having to press a button - for example, in emergencies
  • Takes unlimited incoming calls from carers, family, friends, helping wearers stay in contact and reducing social isolation
  • Battery lasts from 48 to 72 hours after only 3-hours' charge time
  • No technical knowledge required: easy-to-use with no software required
  • Watch arrives pre-charged and pre-programmed, with easy-to-use instructions manual and full phone support
  • Discreet, easy to wear, and blends with everyday wear, unlike emergency pendant devices: soft silicone is comfortable and easy to clean
  • Sensitive microphone and speaker for phone functions with an optional hands-free earpiece.
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